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At Endellion we love data and we love technology.

At the very core of our business is Data Collision, where we bring unstructured text and structured numerical data together and visualise the results.

Collisions help you see things from a different perspective.

Our collisions capture imagination, drive creativity and spark innovation.

Our collisions provide the inspiration to take what you already know, and apply it in new ways to improve your business and disrupt your markets.

We passionately believe that research is integral to sustaining and improving business. Yet rather than recognising its enormous potential to add value, research is too often cut as a non-essential expense, effectively blocking access to a rich source of intelligence that identifies improvements and takes advantage of past intellectual property investments.

Endellion commenced operations in 2013 to assist businesses realise the value of their internal data and intellectual property. We operate two distinct lines of business:

  • Endellion Consulting – helping you derive meaningful business insight by colliding text and numerical data
  • Endellion Technology – commercialising innovations derived through Data Collisions.

We have particular experience in the resources and industrial sectors, where we have already helped energy, oil & gas and mining companies streamline maintenance processes and innovate with technology.

Vision & Values

Endellion will be the premier provider of technology search, collision and development services across industry.

The following values form the foundations of the company:


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