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Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will be key future drivers of competitive advantage. They are the latest innovations being used by companies to improve profitability as revenues flatline, but costs increase incrementally.

Anticipating the importance and potential of powerful business analytics over three years ago, Endellion Consulting have been refining our Data Collision process for delivering quality business insights ever since. By bringing unstructured text and structured data together, we help our clients make their intellectual property investments work for them.

Exploring the collision of text and data can be applied in:

  • Asset management analysis;
  • Sample analysis;
  • Technology landscape surveys;
  • Mergers and acquisition searches;
  • Patent prior art investigations;
  • Sports play-by-play analysis; or
  • Market research.

We’re really only limited by our imaginations in what we can do!!

Applying Endellion Consulting’s Data Collision technique can deliver insight 5 times faster and 10 times broader than when using conventional or manual analysis. We delivery high quality results in a fraction of the time.

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