Endellion Technology

At Endellion, our consulting activities take us to some pretty interesting places. We get exposed to some great ideas, and create our own as well!!

Imagine a conveyor made from a polyethylene pipe that can be laid on the ground, buried or underwater. We can. We’re working on one.

Imagine how much money you could save if you identified problems with your assets well before they failed. We can, we’re developing an analytics solution.

We’re passionate about research and development and are committed to finding and developing practical technologies that really make a difference.

The purpose of Endellion Technology is value creation through the development of disruptive technologies.

We strive to bring technology developers and investors together to:

  • Improve performance of existing technologies;
  • Drive existing technologies into new markets; and
  • Provide the links to make technologies viable through collision with intellectual property from across industries.

We provide the following services on a sweat equity or consulting basis:

  • Technology portfolio program management;
  • Proof of concept and technical investigation;
  • Design validation, testing and constructability;
  • Economic assessment and commercialisation / business strategies; and
  • Commercial product development, marketing and business development.

We want to discuss with you how we can bring your ideas to life.

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