Future Essential Technologies for QLD Industries

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I recently read in Business Acumen magazine an article referencing a PwC study investigating the eight future essential technologies for businesses to understand.

The technologies referred to in this article include artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, drones, blockchain and robots.


This brought to mind a recent study completed by Endellion investigating patenting within Australia and QLD in key technology areas including artificial intelligence (and subsets), additive manufacturing (3D printing), geospatial, sense and avoid drones and next-gen robotics.

We investigated future essential technology patents and direct applications to key QLD industries (health, energy and resources, agriculture, renewables, tourism and construction) as nominated by the Office of the Chief Scientist.  We limited the analysis to those patents targeting one industry only, as many patents are too broad by trying to cover multiple industries.

What we found is that health is by far the leading industry concerned with identifying and adapting the above mentioned technologies to provide new and enhance existing services (see graph).

Other industries appear to be slower in the adoption of these new technologies. However the good news is that there is significant scope to integrate them into businesses to develop a competitive edge at home and abroad.

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